A soldier pile and timber lagging system is a commonly used and economical form of excavation support consisting of vertical steel H-piles and horizontal lagging wood boards. For longer life or permanent structures, precast concrete or steel panels may be used in lieu of timber piles.

McKinney Drilling has the expertise, resources, personnel and equipment to design and install all types of soldier pile and lagging walls to project specifications. 

Common Uses

  • Excavation support 
  • Permanent retaining walls
  • Permanent soundwalls

Technical Details

Typically, H-piles are drilled or driven at regular intervals along the planned excavation perimeter. In low headroom or difficult drilling conditions, micropiles may be used in place of soldier piles. As excavation continues, the selected lagging material  is inserted behind the front pile flanges. The lagging resists the load of the retained soil and transfers it to the piles. The walls can be designed as cantilever walls or additional lateral support may be provided with tieback anchors or bracing. For permanent structures such as retaining walls or soundwalls where concrete or steel panels are used, a final fascia may then be applied.