Interlocking steel sheet piles are a cost-effective option for a range of excavation support needs including new building sites, below-grade parking structures, basements, pump houses, cofferdams, and marine seawalls and bulkheads.

Depending on the project objective, sheet pile walls may be temporary or permanent. Installation is typically by use of a vibratory hammer. On sites where vibrations are a concern, the sheets may be hydraulically pushed into the ground. McKinney Drilling can field the right equipment to meet project specifications and site restraints.

Common Uses

  • Temporary or permanent excavation support
  • Seawalls and bulkheads
  • Groundwater cut-off

Technical Details

Sheet piles are typically installed in pairs to increase the speed and economy of wall construction. Care must be taken to ensure that the piles achieve adequate penetration and do not jump out of interlock during installation, which will reduce the effectiveness of the groundwater cut-off. Since sheet pile installation is accomplished ahead of excavation, no spoil is generated.  If required, tieback anchors can be installed for additional lateral support.