Earth retention and shoring techniques are used to retain site soils to allow excavation for new construction, for slope stabilization, or for marine works. McKinney Drilling offers a range of earth retention options backed by in-house expertise and experience.

Common Uses

  • Support of excavation
  • Shoring of existing adjacent structures
  • Stabilization of natural or man-made slopes
  • Bulkhead/wharf support and remediation 

Permanent and temporary earth retention systems available through McKinney include steel sheet piling, soldier piles and lagging, and secant or tangent pile walls. Anchors or bracing can be used to provide lateral support of sheeting and shoring systems.

For any earth retention project, safety is of the utmost importance. At McKinney Drilling, we understand the potential hazards associated with this type of work and the importance of trench safety. You can rely on us to deliver the right earth retention method both expediently and safely.