McKinney Drilling Company was founded in 1937 by the late Jack & Richard McKinney.

Primarily in the road and bridge construction business, the brothers saw a need to improve and expedite the foundations of bridges they were constructing. Before McKinney Drilling Company, most piers and foundations were large square piers dug by hand. With the help of long time friend Hugh B. Williams, the McKinney brothers helped pioneer and develop the mechanized drilling machine used throughout the industry today.

McKinney is a company whose history is peppered with industry milestones and innovations. Jack began experimenting in 1939 with small earth boring equipment to construct drilled and belled pier foundations. In 1941 McKinney won the first sizeable contract for the construction of caisson piers at the Red River Ordinance Depot in Texarkana. In 1978 McKinney, as part of joint venture, completed the largest foundation project in the world at the time: the North River Pollution Control Project in the Hudson River in New York. Below the George Washington Bridge, this project consisted of driving and drilling 2,400 caissons up to 250 feet deep. In another joint venture McKinney built Section II of the Trans Alaska Pipeline. The partners were the first to finish any section of line on time and under budget.

McKinney was acquired in 2002 by Keller, an international ground engineering specialist. Keller is renowned for providing innovative and cost effective solutions to ground engineering problems and refurbishment projects. Keller has unrivalled coverage in Europe, North America and Australia where its services are used in infrastructure, building, civil engineering and structural renovation contracts.

From the need to improve the quality and increase production of bridge foundations, McKinney Drilling Company has become the leading drilled shaft foundation company in North America, with 80 years of milestones and innovations. This trend continues. McKinney provides clients with quality foundation services using the most advanced equipment available teamed with unmatched professionalism. Our experienced engineers and expert technicians are strategically located throughout North America, meaning someone is always available to discuss your project concerns. With over 100 drill rigs, McKinney maintains one of the largest fleets of foundation drilling equipment in the world, operated by outstanding team to ensure that projects are completed safely and efficiently. Whether you require drilled shafts, auger cast piles, driven piles, or low clearance work, you can trust that McKinney Drilling Company has the skill and experience to deliver on time and on budget.

We look forward to helping you take advantage of what we have to offer.