Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse Corporate HQ, Mooresville, NC

Two new office buildings and two new garages were slated for construction on drilled shaft foundations at the Lowe's corporate headquarters in Mooresville, NC. McKinney installed 126 drilled shafts for the office buildings and 144 drilled shafts for the garages. Shaft diameters ranged from 36 to 56 inches, and depths ranged from 15 to 70 feet. These two videos show McKinney drilling a hole for a 42-inch diameter shaft.

High groundwater, running sands, and hard rock made this project a great match for McKinney's talent and experience. Two drill rigs and two cranes were used to keep the project on schedule for completion in June 2007.

traditional alchemical symbol for earth element - (Latin - Tellus)

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